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Umbro is an English sportswear and football equipment supplier based in Cheadle, near Manchester. Umbro designs, sources, and markets football-related apparel, footwear, and equipment. Its products are sold in over 90 countries worldwide. Since 2012, the company has been a subsidiary of American company Iconix Brand Group, after being bought by Nike in 2007.

CJ shared his experience, "Quick a child I had this exact style of Umbro shorts and loved them. Was excited to find on Amazon. The fit and feel were great. The first pair I ordered arrived with loose "torn" stitching in the front. Amazon replaced with no questions. The 2nd pair stitching came apart on 1st use on our family vacation. I am extremely unsatisfied with the quality of Umbro products now and feel it's a shame. $30 for a pair of shorts that just fall apart is garbage. I'll eat my losses now and never buy Umbro again. Highly recommend you do not waste your time or money either."


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promotor (Former Employee) says

"se podia trabajr ne equipo sobre era mi jefe comprensido me enseñaba lo ke no sabi era un ambiente buenoo"

Manageress (Former Employee) says

"Company is not in touch with their RETAIL side at all I tried implementing a filing system, There is no banking system at all as well. . . . . Stress levels are extremely high for working at Umbro"

multioperadora (Former Employee) says

"foi o meu premeiro trabalho eu aprende ali a costura ,foi uma empresa deu oportunidade aquelas pessoa quenao sabia a costuranãonao"

Responsable Marketing & Communication (Former Employee) says

"Très bonne relation avec les différents collaborateurs (directs et indirects)."

cameriera (Former Employee) says

"E un posto di lavoro accogliente ,con stafe giovanePasti buoni e sempliciLa cucina non é allo stesso piano della sala"

Designer II (Current Employee) says

"Typical day is spent designing and researching.I've learnt how to design performance productI've learnt what excellence is from Nike & Converse HQ visit's.Managing the poor infrastructure for my select product.The best part of the job is working in the manchester Officecar allowancemanchester weather"

Operador de grúa (Former Employee) says

"aprendí a perfeccionar mis habilidades en radio frecuencia, dirección y gerencia compartían eventos con trabajadores (partidos, paseos, convivencias, entre otros.), buena relación entre los trabajadores y encargados, los momentos con más presión eran los cierres de mes ya que había muchos pedidos que entregar, lo que me gusto de esta empresa eran los ingresos ya que con bonos de producción era mas fácil aumentar mis ingresos y las horas extras eran pagadas en el periodo indicado.seguro medico y de respetaban mucho los horarios de brike impartidos por la empresa"

Asistente de ventas.- (Former Employee) says

". Recorrer las tiendas, revisar stock de las marcas de umbro, converse y mitre, verificar si los promotores a mi cargo están en su área de trabajo. . Lo que aprendí fue a trabajar con personas a mi cargo y hacer que cumplan con su trabajo. . Mis colegas eran muy simpáticos y si tenia una duda con respecto al trabajo, ellos sin dudarlo me comentaban como ejercían ellos su trabajo y así poder orientarme a tomar mis decisiones. .Lo mas difícil fue tener mano dura con gente de mi edad que llevaba mas tiempo que yo en la empresa y estaban a mi cargo y fue por no realizar bien su trabajo. .Lo que mas me gusto fue los incentivos que nos daban."

Matt Smith says

"the pretty green x umbro hooded training top launched at 07:00, my order went through at 07:01 a few days later umbro cancelled my order and refunded me with no explanation after querying it with umbro they said it had sold out and my order shouldn’t have gone through, I find this hard to believe now umbro have sent me an email asking me to rate the item they never sent"

Hakan Bellikli says

"No idea when my order was coming as no order number or shipping email was received, boots fell apart in 2 wears and no refund was given, Can’t speak to any one the phone which is understandable given the covid-19 epidemic, You have to email, which I did but takes 4-5 days to get an answer, too slow of a service very annoying."

D'Arcy says

"Ordered a pair of Umbro Speciali Pro SG boots. These boots are supposed to be £110. When they arrived the boots were in the incorrect box (supposed to be special edition). Then when I opened the box the boots were let's just say of very poor quality. The boots were literally falling apart. The sole was not attached to the boot. The glue had split in numerous places on the boot. The stitching had become loose and strting to unthread. The fold over tongue was bent and unable to sit like it should. Basically the boots were not even fit for a jumble sale let alone from a supposedly reputable brand via their own website. Oh, and contact with Umbro is non existent. And the icing on the cake ... I have to pay to send back a faulty and heavily damaged item. And you wonder why companies like this are going under. Enough said."

Customer says

"Very difficult to return any item - I am still waiting for information on how to do this and if i am "allowed" to return the item."

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